Play Me Off, Barcelona!

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Hospital de Sant Pau

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When I studied in Barcelona two years ago, I lived just a hop, skip, and a leap away from this stunning piece of Catalan modernism…

El Cangrejo Loco (The crazy crab)

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  Interior menu cover fisherman’s soup lobster bisque Black rice paella for 2 (squid ink) Grilled seafood platter for 2 On our first visit to Barcelona, many years ago,…

Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is an amazing city. The name is pronounced as Barthelona. It is a must see while in Spain. I had an amazing time here! If…

Planning a trip to Barcelona for Primavera 2014

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The final headliner was announced for Primavera Sound 2014 (which takes place 29/05 – 31/05) this morning and to mark the occasion I thought I’d write…

“Däumelinchen” © BAUERHORST

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Barcelona’s Vintage Markets

Barcelona Bazaar

Barcelona Bazaar Courtesy Rafael Vargas Despite the presence of a handful of important buildings, the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, in the eastern section of Barcelona, has always been considered a bit of… Sigue leyendo

MACBA, El Raval, Barcelona

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A Feast for the Eyes – La Boqueria

Our Growing Paynes Was there ever a point in your childhood when you were let loose in a candy store?  You were overwhelmed and couldn’t believe all the treats swimming before your eyes? … Sigue leyendo

Crazy Barcelona

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crazy mosaic by Antoni Gaudi at Parc Guell, Barcelona Crazy Barcelona – crazy patchworks everywhere, but not in fabric – in ceramic, stone and marble. OK…

All the fish of Gehry

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Frank Gehry is dubbed the most important architect of our age (Vanity Fair labelled him so) and his incredible works such as the Guggenheim…