22 reasons why we should all be moving to Barcelona right now


(By /GlobalPost) Think heaven is where the streets fill with candy and you can go to the beach on your lunchbreak? You’re wrong! It’s Barcelona!

1. The Mediterranean climate is the best for just about everything

(AWSANDLIGHT/Flickr Commons)

Skies are usually clear, winters are short and mild, summers hot but bearable. What the locals call “fred” (“cold” in Catalan) in January and February is still sun-shiny bright and well above freezing. The worst heat in August (we’re talking 90s) is no match for a cold beer in the shade or a dip in the Mediterranean.

2. Its streets are made for walking and pedestrians rule

(ANTONIO GOMEZ/Flickr Commons)

Much of Barcelona was designed for pedestrian pleasure. Its emblematic Ramblas and Paseos have wide sidewalks or medians dotted with benches and shady trees — perfect for leisurely strolling, people-watching or window-shopping.

3. Lots of its neighorhoods still feel like villages

(ERIK LI/Flickr Commons)

Neighborhoods like Gracia, Les…

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