¡Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

Angie On Adventures

After two flights and a total 18 hours of travel time I am officially in Barcelona! I arrived yesterday, but things have been a little busy so this is the first chance I’ve had to post!

I left Phoenix at 6 am on Friday the 30th, had a 5 hour layover in Newark, and officially arrived in Barcelona at 9 am!



Lucky for me I had nice people to sit next to on all of my flights. On my flight from Newark to Barcelona I sat next to two guys, one who is staying here with ISA (the same program that I am with), but he has an internship, and another who was just spending the week here with friends. I did a lot of sleeping and watched some movies, overall my flight went by fairly quickly!

I was also lucky enough to have window seats on both flights…

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