I could get used to Barceloneta


2014-05-29 17.05.47

Barceloneta is one of Barcelona’s barrios (neighborhoods) that is situated right on the beach, and DAMN is this area absolutely beautiful. A giant tower with a statue of Christopher Columbus is the centerpiece of La Plaça de la Barceloneta, about 100 yards from the sea port. This area is alive with tourists and locals, popping in and out of the shops, restaurants, and attractions of the area.

2014-05-29 17.37.48 HDR

Maybe my favorite part of Spain is the killer sangría available. Barcelonata is highly concentrated with restaurants along the sea port, all offering delicious tapas and pitchers of sangría. Enjoying a glass of this along the coast of Spain while soaking up the Mediterranean sun is definitely something I could get used to 😉

2014-05-29 18.53.04-1

2014-05-29 20.24.51

Have I mentioned that I could get used to Barceloneta yet? Just look at that view! The coastline is pretty nice too… LOL. Once again, kidding! This photo was snapped aboard a boat…

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