Catalan Cuisine is not the same as Spanish food


CatalanCuisine(By Mikel López Iturriaga/Munchies) I’m Basque, but I’ve been living in Barcelona for ten years. Catalans have a strong pride in their region, since they have their own language, history, and culture.

But at the same time, at least in Barcelona, most of the people are pretty open and welcoming—not a surprise if you think that this area took in a lot of people from other parts of Spain, and from other countries, in the last two decades.

Unfortunately, Catalans are not very popular in the rest of Spain, especially in right-wing and narrow-minded circles. Anyway, I think we Catalans, Basques, Andalusians, and Castilians have more in common between ourselves than it seems, and food is good evidence of that.

Catalan food is deeply related to other regions of Spain, especially Valencia and the Balearic Islands but also to the south; a lot of people from Andalusia and Extremadura came…

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