On top of the world

K. A. MacKinnon

On top of the world

In the circus, Sunday night was party night.

We worked anywhere between eight and ten shows from Tuesday to Sunday, but Monday was our day off, so Sunday night we partied.

This photo was taken on the Monday of our last week in Barcelona. My friend Ben and I had always intended to get out to see Montserrat, but our Mondays had filled with other things. This was our last chance, and we almost didn’t go.

I can’t remember where we went on that particular Sunday night (it was definitely NOT the night of the €1 tequila shots, because that was in Vienna), but I do remember we were both hungover on Monday morning. We were slow to get moving and didn’t even get on the train out of town until after 1pm.

It was hot and humid that whole week, almost unbearable inside the tents at work. When we…

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