El Bocadillo, Spain’s Signature Sandwich

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As common as the peanut butter jelly sandwich is to the American diet, the bocadillo is the sandwich staple in Spain. This sandwich is served on  a baguette, not sliced bread. That is one of the things that struck me during my time in Spain: breads, specifically French loaves, are an integral part of the Spanish diet (now, how the Spanish are so slim despite the carb loading is another article). Eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack, and heck, even dinner, the bocadillo is as Spanish as it gets.

Like many staple dishes, the bocadillo is a simple offering. Take a baguette (sold often in personal sizes), slice it lengthwise, and your first step is already done. Next comes condiments, however, no lettuce, mayo, or mustard are to be had here. Instead, a traditional Barcelonian bocadillo needs tomato. And no, I don’t mean the sliced…

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