Teatro En Apartemento


For a long time, Stef and I had ideas to create FanPlays. People have already taken the step to make FanFics and FanArt for decades, and recently, we’ve been stumbling upon FanFilms, and the motivation was just not there. But suddenly, after a long conversation with a few friends about productions and fringe theatre, we came to a startling wonder over a Barcelona style of theatre called “Theatro En Apartementos”, or Theatre in Apartments.

The idea came when the recession hit Europe hard, and people were just wishing for real culture in times of economic peril. A group of Actors took the chance to do a Play in their apartment, and suddenly, they were paying their rent with donations from their neighbors. The style has since been practiced in NoHo in lofts at the Arts District, and has yet reached Broadway or any of its commercial medias.

Because of its…

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