Primavera Sound 2014: Spanish Language highlights

Ya Es Hora


If you’re heading to Barcelona in a few weeks and fancy dipping your musical toes into something a little different, I’ve taken the guessing game away for you. Here’s my round up of the Spanish and Latin-American acts on the bill that are well worth seeing.

Disclaimer: Before you continue, I am no music snob, you are taking your tips from someone who loved K-Pop and genuinely enjoyed this year’s French Eurovision entry

Top 3 – WHAT A SURPRISE, they’re almost all from Chile. How do you do it Chile?

Föllakzoid (Chile) Droning Krautrock influenced psychedelic space-rock. Need I say more? They’re playing in London a couple of times this summer and I’ll definitely be going to see them.

Dënver (Chile) Dënver are a duo whose “Revista de Gimnasia” is a slice of perfect disco-tinged pop that sounds better the louder it’s played. The elegant and murderous accompanying video by Bernardo Quesney is also…

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