Feria de Abril – Barcelona

Globe Dreaming

Barcelona; a compact city that somehow manages to pack in everything- from the bustle of the city to the laid back beach culture, it has it all.

When researching into the city, I was over the moon to find that the ‘Feria de Abril’ (a festival that mirrors that of the famous one in Seville) would be happening during our stay. I struggled to find exact dates but I went there confident that not only would we would be there at the right time but that we would go.

Arriving in the city, I found the lack of signage or information on the festival truly puzzling. But, a few days in, I finally found it- a poster! And I had been right, it was happening from the 25th of April til the 4th of May.

So on the 1st of May, we decided to make the 7km trek to the…

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