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feast of the goat

ImageIts hard to imagine someone more culturally important to the twentieth century than Pablo Picasso. He lived from 1881 to 1973, the man saw it all. He was in the unique position of being both highly representative of modern western civilization as well has an active critic of it. I admit to having an ongoing obsession with the man. And for good reason. There was literally nothing he couldn’t conquer as an artist. Turns out he was a potter as well as a the seminal painter of his (and lets be honest, any) generation. After my visit to his museum in Barcelona, turns out he was a damn good one at that.

ImageApart from being as talented as he was, what are the chances of him being stupidly handsome? I mean look at those piercing eyes. That jawline…

But sadly this post isn’t supposed to be about his tanned forearms…

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