VIDEO // I’m Sorry Mama Part’s 1 & 2

20 Minutes

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Early morning workers waiting for a delivery, La Rambla, Barcelona.

URSUPPE @ Sonar 2014 Barcelona

Viva Catalunya

Have you ever been so in love with a country, before you’ve ever had the chance to experience it, and then one day you’re finally there and it’s everything you imagined it would…

Be brave in the Raval!

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It is true that not everyone likes this area for their dilapidated and dirty look. But in our opinion, the Raval is still one of the favorite…

22 reasons why we should all be moving to Barcelona right now

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(By Elisa Stutts-Barquin/GlobalPost) Think heaven is where the streets fill with candy and you can go to the beach on your lunchbreak? You’re wrong! It’s Barcelona! 1. The Mediterranean…

Photo of the Day: Park Güell

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THE Pavillion

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Hey hey heey!! So I am here again, yes with some more Pavillion post. But not my pavillion this time, THE pavillion. I thought that a nice…

El Bosc de Les Fades, Barcelona

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«Want to come on an adventure?» «A unique and magical place: a forest inhabited by strange trees, gnomes and other unexpected creatures.» A bar attached to a…

two GOOD restaurants in Barcelona

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TOP CHOICE #1: LA PARADETA (seafood) Cost: Not expensive if shared among people, around 10-15 euros each for a decent meal. Address: Carrer Comercial, 7, 08009 Barcelona, Spain…

Streets of Barcelona

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The streets are some how different every place you go. The way people interact with them is different too. In Europe people don’t simply move through them.…


1) See the main Barcelona sights (Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Arc De Triomf, Casa Battlo etc), have a cheesy tourist shot with them and know a bit about them so you can impress… Sigue leyendo

The Rock n Roll Guide to Ibiza

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Ibiza is renowned for it’s dance and clubbing lifestyle choices. But The Carouser is here to show you the white island’s rock and wild side. Rockers can enjoy…

Ibiza’s «Las Dalias» Hippy Market Review

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Starting the day off with another delish brunch, we made our way to the famous «Las Dalias» Hippy Market in San Carlos, Ibiza. The market opened in 1985…